Teachers Contract

We need to know what is in the contract

I noted the BOE agenda that was posted to the web atwww.woboe.org yesterday for the meeting of Monday night January 7, 2012 stipulates that a contract agreement was reached with the teacher’s union retro-active from July 1, 2012 and forward to June 30, 2105. Currently over 60% of the West Orange tax levy goes to the BOE and the biggest driver of BOE cost is the contract with the teacher. No details were released. For a vote that has huge fiscal implication for West Orange, the citizen should be brought into the process and be able to voice opinion on this. However, the lack of details makes citizen engagement in the debate difficult or impossible. The BOE members all promised to operate a transparent board of education when they won their respective election. This ramming thru a vote with no discussion on the details before the fact is the exact opposite of transparent. I urge to citizens to demand, that the vote to be tabled until detail are released and a debate can be had.

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Shoshanna January 09, 2013 at 07:51 PM
Thanks John Pragmatic. She is just one of the many in the bloated system. Yes, it is known that the top 10% of the students get a super education. Well, what about the other 90%? how many vice principals does the high school really need? Cheaper to hire retired police.
john anthony prignano January 09, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Portmanteau This is how the game is played; If you have no children, or if you have your children in private schools, then you have little or no insight into what actually occurs in the West Orange Public Schools, and thus you are unqualified to speak about what goes on in those schools. Even if you have children who once attended the West Orange schools but no longer do, you clearly are not in possession of first hand, contemporaneous knowledge regarding the day to day operations of the West Orange Public School System. Therefore, you are not qualified to speak on that subject{s}. Now, if you have children in the public schools but you express strong or even relatively mild dissatisfaction with the quality of the education your children are receiving, and/or the cost of their education, a challenge is issued; If you don't like the public schools, why are your kids there? Why aren't they in a private school or another District? If you think the schools are overpriced, why are you still living in West Orange? Ah, but If you move or put your children in a private school, then you will have not have first hand contemporaneous knowledge of the the day to day operations of the West Orange Schools etc.... . if you buy into this nonsense, NO ONE is in any position to complain; .You're either an extremely ignorant person,or you're a big hypocrite or you're both. BUT, we can ALL read the NJ School Report Card, and NJ Monthly,and the Great Schools website, and more, can't we?
woresident January 09, 2013 at 11:34 PM
John. Where exactly do you get the information that teacher compensation rose 14% in the last 3 years? The teachers are 2 years behind in their contract. This years salary should be the same as last year..so where do you get 14%. And, since they are paying more this year for their health care than last year, didn't their compensation go down of you are including the benefit package? Also, the next time you mention the 14 less days of instructional time at the HS, why not provide a link to the statistics. I am so tired of reading your nasty comments. You obviously have a ax to grind with the BOE....I think I will just stop reading anything with your name on it.
john anthony prignano January 10, 2013 at 02:04 AM
New Jersey School Report Card; WOHS daily instructional time; 5 hours, 28 minutes .State average;5 hours 56 minutes.Teacher compensation; West Orange 3 year change + 6%, + 4%, + 4% .increase14% Average NJ teacher compensation over the same period of time: +4%, +4% -1% increase; 7%.. The average NJ teacher salary is $63,851 for 10 years service.West Orange ; $82,392 for 9 years.. Average NJ Administrator salary ; $119,491 for 19 years service. West Orange $131,716 for 13 years.The last time I looked, the terms of the old contract stay in effect until a new agreement is reached.I would imagine that part of that 14% is longevity pay, and part of it is step increases,which are huge amounts of $.{ West Orange has only 9 salary steps } The 14% increase is total teacher compensation. .They are paying more into their benefits, but what they pay might be a small fraction of the overall benefits increase {health care costs are soaring, are they not?}. If you want to say that Essex County is a very expensive place to live, even by Jersey standards, hence the higher salaries,fine, but there's NO County residency requirement for teachers.You know who REALLY has an axe to grind? Teachers who put their children in private schools at a ratio of 2 to 1 to the general public, and the West Orange teachers who have cleared out because they won't subject their children to the crap they're dumping on other people's children.Why does my baseless axe grinding upset you, IF that's what it is?
woresident January 10, 2013 at 02:35 AM
How do you know how many teachers place their children in private schools, how would you know the reason behind the decision, how do you know how many teachers moved out due to the "crap they're dumping on other people's children". How many teachers live in the town? According to the new law, teachers will be paying a much higher percentage of their health benefits. I don't know the exact numbers since it has little to do with me but, I believe it is being phased in over 4 or 5 years. Teachers making the top money will pay about 30% of the cost...the amount they pay will increase as the costs soar. Your axe grinding bothers me because it is constant, repetitive, and, I believe, often inaccurate. You use every chance to repeat your rants about teachers, their salaries, the HS instructional time and I am so tired of it. You never have anything helpful, constructive or nice to say. You have an to axe to grind and you have found your forum. I have decided to ignore your posts. My children are in a great school. I think NJASK scores are a load of crap and my kids do very well on them. I care about the work I see them doing and I am very happy with West Orange schools . Good bye Mr. Prignano.


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