Girl (Scouts) Can Do These Jobs, Too

Maplewood scouting troop hosts mini career expo to introduce girls to different professions.


Girl Scout Troop 20718 of Maplewood will host "Girls Can Do These Jobs Too!," an educational leadership workshop and fundraiser at the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) on Saturday, April 20 from 1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The program seeks to encourage girls of all ages -- from elementary school through high school -- to learn what it takes to be successful in any job, including those in typically male-dominated professions.

The event marks the completion of the Troop’s Leadership journey on women, stereotypes, and teaching girls to reach out and speak up. 

"In leading the girls, we found that the jobs that came to mind for them were teacher, nurse, doctor, lawyer, finance or professor," said Troop Leader Sherina Larrier. "These were the typical jobs their parents or their friends' parents did, so we decided to educate our girls and others that the possibility is so much more."

The panel will feature women in a variety of professions including pilot, firefighter, chemical engineer, journalist, cloud computing specialist, construction CEO and more.

"Our panelists will expose our young girls to these diverse careers and share thoughts on how girls can prepare at early ages," said Larrier. Some of the panelists knew they were interested in a particular career at an early age, she said, while others figured it out in college or during a career change later in life.

Panelists include Marjorie Perry, President & CEO of MZM Construction & Management, Inc.; Judge Dena E. Douglas, New York City Civil Judge; Dr. Soyeon Kim, Biostatistician & Epidemiologist; Dr. Jennifer Payne-Parrish, Director of Global Medical Affairs-Analgesics at Bayer CropScience; Annesa Seemungal, Chemical Engineer; Dr. Mary Petzke, Professor and Research Scientist—Microbiology, Immunology and Lyme Disease, and Dr. Christina McKittrick, Neuroscientist, among others.

Each participant will receive a reference guide to take home. The event will also feature games and refreshments; Girl Scouts will receive a patch for participation.

Advance Registration is required; admission is $20 for each girl and free for a (required) adult chaperon. One adult can chaperon many girls. Tickets can be purchased in advance online. For more information, call Sherina Larrier at 973-650-8105 or Sharon Simmons at 340-988-8255, or email girlscando2013@gmail.com.


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