Local Ethiopian Restaurant Announces Special Valentine's Day Dishes

Walia Ethiopian Restaurant at 11 Village Plaza in South Orange is adding Salmon tibs and Catfish tibs to the menu for one night only.

Walia Ethiopian Restaurant, a family-owned restaurant located in the heart of downtown South Orange, New Jersey will feature two new special menu items on Valentine’s Day.

Walia will add Salmon tibs and Catfish tibs to the authentic Ethiopian cuisine menu for one night only, the restaurant announced.

The chunks of fish are sautéed with onions, tomatoes, garlic and spices and served a choice of mild, medium or hot sauce.  The dish is served with a choice of two side dishes from the vegetarian menu. Other meats offers as main disheson the menu items include shrimp tibs, doro wat (chicken), doro tibs (chicken), yebeg aletcha (lamb), tibs wat (beef), and minchet aletcha (beef).

Walia always offers vegetarian and vegan options, as many of their customers have requested these special menu items. Vegetarian dishes include gomen (collard greens), tikile gomen (cabbage and potatoes), atkilt wat (green beans and carrots), duba (pumpkin) miser wat (split lentils), ingudai tibs,(portobellos) and kik aletcha (yellow split peas).

Five Ethiopian sisters created and opened Walia Restaurant almost one year ago.

“We are so excited to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with family, friends and restaurant patrons at our South Orange location and feature these new much requested special menu items,” said Shewaye Yassin, one of the restaurant owners. “We are also including a special surprise sweet treat for our customers with every Valentine’s dinner.”

“Sharing our culture and our food is something very dear to us and we are happy to celebrate with our customers on this Valentine’s Day,” said Yassin.

Walia Restaurant is located at 11 Village Plaze in the heart of downtown South Orange, just around the corner from South Orange Performing Arts Center.

For reservations or more information, call 973-762-2186, visit Walia online or on Facebook.


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