PSE&G Conducts Preventative Tree Trimmings in South Orange

PSE&G has hired Jaflo Tree Service to trim trees throughout the township to prevent power outages.

A tree trimming service, contracted by PSE&G, will be trimming trees near power lines over the next few months to reduce the number of power outages.

“This is a proactive safety measure and something that everyone agreed was necessary,” said Village President Alex Torpey. “One important thing to know is that there is no expense to the taxpayer and is covered by PSE&G.”

Jaflo Tree Service, an electrical line clearance contractor, will be in white trucks with green lettering and will be workingMonday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“With most of South Orange properties power lines are located in the backyards which will require allowing access for work crews to perform necessary maintenance on your property,” South Orange Village stated on its website.

“Before performing work on your property a representative from Jaflo Tree Service will be stopping by your property to discuss any maintenance that needs to take place,” they added.

If the company misses a home, they will leave a yellow tag on the door. Residents who get the yellow tag should fill it out and place it back on the door.

The Village is thanking residents for assisting South Orange in keeping the power lines safe and reliable.


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