South Orange Officials Closely Monitoring Drinking Water

There is no immediate threat to public health, officials say.

South Orange Village is monitoring its drinking water following a recent study conducted by the East Orange Water Commission.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection cited the East Orange Water Commission (EOWC) in March of 2011 for exceeding the allowable concentration of Tetrachloroethylene, a volatile organic compound (VOC), according to a statement issued by South Orange Village.

According to the study, The NJDEP found an average of 1.54 µg/L (micro-grams per liter) for tetrachloroethylene, exceeding the maximum concentration limit of 1 µg/L, equivalent to 1 part per billion.

As of December 23, 2013, the levels were at 0.97 µg/L (micro-grams per liter) for tetrachloroethylene

“Currently, the levels detected to not rise to the level of a NJDEP violation, but the levels are high enough to warrant diligent monitoring,” the Village stated on its website. “Please be assured that in the event there are ever results which would cause health concerns, the Village will immediately notify all affected water customers.”

The Village is monitoring the water from two locations. The first location is the EOWC finishing plant at the Millburn Pump Station, which sample is taken from the blended water from all of the EOWC wells. This sample is the official sample taken by EOWC and reported to the NJDEP

The second location is from the tap at the Crest Drive firehouse. Water at this location is a blend of the EOWC water and water from Well #17 in South Orange, and is more indicative of the water that is actually distributed by EOWC within the Village.

“The Trustees have directed that samples at this location be taken independently of EOWC’s sampling,” the township stated on its website.

Click here for testing results.


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