Author of 'Essex Mountain Sanatorium' Appearing Wednesday

Richard A. Kennedy will speak about the legendary—and now long-gone—tuberculosis hospital.

Photo provided
Photo provided

Founded in 1907 this tuberculosis hospital high on the hill above Overbrook grew to become one of the finest treatment centers in the nation, expanding into a complex of 20 buildings that encompassed nearly 300 acres. 

Author Richard A. Kennedy, an amateur historian and past explorer of Essex Mountain Sanatorium, has amassed a collection of photographs culled from libraries, historical societies, and private collections to pay a final, lasting tribute to this once grand institution, which is now lost to time.  

In his work, Kennedy has captured the true essence of the sanatorium—its buildings and its people. Although the buildings no longer stand, with this timeless tribute its proud and shining story will not be forgotten. 

On Wednesday, March 26, at 7:30 p.m. at the Cedar Grove Library, the Cedar Grove Historical Society will host Kennedy and his book on the sanatorium, which will be available for sale. 

Kennedy will speak about the history of the institution and the lure that enticed him and so many others to explore it in the years shortly before its demolition. He will talk about his many interesting finds and, among other details, mention the tunnel system that connected some of the buildings—some of which are thought to still survive. The tunnels connect to the penitentiary to the west and Overbrook to the east, according to legend.

For more information, contact Julie Ostering at twoJVO@comcast.net or 973-857-1968.

The Cedar Grove Library is located at 1 Municipal Plaza in Cedar Grove.


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