Dishes, Knick-Knacks And Other Finds For Sale at Stuff Village Mercantile

Store owner Steve Rella keeps his store filled with eclectic finds.

Since opening last November, Stuff Village Mercantile has been serving the sundry needs of South Orange and Maplewood residents with its ever-changing stock of antiques, glassware, knick-knacks and other curiosities.

Patch checked in with Stuff owner Steve Rella Thursday afternoon to check out some of his recent acquisitions and most intriguing finds. His store is located at 50 South Orange Ave.

Rella obliged, showing off a collection of porcelain Marilyn Monroe figures, two beautiful antique dining room hutches, an old but complete Western Electric sewing machine, a whimsical art-deco fountain and a reproduction Thomas Edison light bulb, along with the usual nostalgic candies and handmade jewelry he always has in stock.

Business has been tougher lately, according to Rella, who attributes the dip to the village enforcing rules that prevent him from displaying merchandise outside of his store; he used to put certain items of furniture on the sidewalk to appeal to passersby.

Rella wonders if locals interpret the lack of outdoor accoutrements to mean he’s up and left town.

Far from the truth, however, Stuff is still easy to get lost in and a fine destination for anyone looking to stumble upon a great gift or conversation piece.

Leslie Pogany August 25, 2012 at 12:32 PM
I love this new neighbor! You can find a gift for a loved one or yourself! This is a jewel in our Village and a welcome addition right at the entrance to SOPAC. When they invite you into their shop with some of the prettiest finds it's a gift to our town. Who in the world would stifle this welcome? It's crazy government needs to encourage small businesses.This is exactly what our Village needs flowers and treasures that enhance and bring life in turn it will bring more successful businesses. Treat yourself peak in it will make your day!


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