Readers' Choice: Lotus Petals Takes the Whole Bouquet

Voters chose Lotus Petals as their favorite florist.

won our weekly Readers' Choice poll. When Patch asked for your favorite florist, a whopping 82 percent of those who voted chose Lotus Petals. Owner Peggy Excell-Stone was pleased and gratified.

"This is what I strive for," said Excell-Stone. "I'm gratified to know that my customers appreciate flowers and the customer service that I provide. It's a priority."

Voters agreed. One poster commented, "Lotus Petals on Baker Street in Maplewood has a selection of essential oils and some groovy accessories. There's the sound of water moving within an interesting selection of reasonably priced plants. The owner and her employees are down to earth and really know their stuff."

Another wrote, "Lotus Petals Floral Design (Maplewood) hands down, the creativity alone takes the cake."

Another poster told an anecdote about Lotus Petals. "I was in charge of flowers for a coworker's birthday. Four of us chipped in $10 each and I stopped into LP at the last minute on the way to work and asked for 'something nice for $40.' It was stunning. Everyone 'accused' me of paying more out of my own pocket. It's been the only place I go to since."

Lotus Petals has been in its Baker Street, Maplewood location for more than four years. Excell-Stone notes that the store has been a florist for at least 65 years, and probably more. The tin ceiling and rugged floor are both authentic and beautiful, like a Lotus Petals bouquet.

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A New Leaf

Lee Navlen April 27, 2012 at 05:05 PM
I'm another happy Lotus Petals customer! Peggy makes it easy for us dopey men looking to impress our wives!!!
Frank Verderosa April 27, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Just got my wife's birthday flowers at Lotus Petals. In her words "Best flowers ever!". Congrats!


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