Wine and Art Meet at Above

Hank Zona's wine selections are being served at Above

Hank Zona stands at the intersection of art and wine. A recent show at GAS Gallery and Studio showcases artwork inspired by and related to the culture and love of wine. Works include art created for wine labels and art containing wine themes. Next the art show moves to Westfield's Cool Vines, and the wine selections travel to

Lyman Dally, Kevin Lynn, Andre Mack and Tara O’Leary were part of a discussion panel, says Zona. "It was a blast," he says, noting that drinking good wine not only leads to art, but can be art itself. Zona discusses this further in a recent edition of The Grapes Unwrapped.

Taking the experience even further, Zona approached Above Restaurant and Bar to talk art and wine. He proposed crafting a wine menu of those wines that appear in the gallery show.

"After people see wine," says Zona, "people want to go someplace and try them." Now art and wine lovers can meet at the bar; Above serves a wine menu of Zona's hand-selected vintages.

"At the end of the day," says Zona. "It's great to see people consume both wine and art."


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