A Reader's Story: The "Greenest" Evergreen

A Christmas tree was celebrated and shared

Lori Unterkoefler writes:

As the Christmas trees are rolled out to the curbs for their final journey, I am compelled to tell you the story of a very giving, very green tree.

 It all started when our generous neighbors bought two trees, one for themselves and one for their parents.  When they discovered that their parents did not need the tree because their own generous neighbors had already bought them one, they generously offered their spare to us.

  It was a short tree, barely 5 feet tall, but perfectly full and delightfully Christmassy with scent and sap. We lifted it into the back of our Jeep and into our house without a struggle. None of us swore and it was up in the stand in less than 10 minutes.

We decorated it with our collection of sentimental family ornaments. We enjoyed it for a week, lighting it each morning before the sun, and each evening as the sun set.  Then, because we had made plans to spend the weekend before Christmas in Philadelphia and then fly from there to Florida, we undecorated it, packed it up in an old sheet, and gave it to another friend. 

He decorated it with his family, enjoyed it for 7 days, and now, the tree is on its way to becoming fertilizer for another tree. 



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