Eat Out, Above and Down the Shore in South Orange

South Orange boasts outdoor eating from breakfast through dinner, including lunch, brunch and happy hour.

Eating out has particular appeal when it means eating outdoors, al fresco, watching the world pass by. South Orange diners can make a day or two of eating outdoors, as local restaurants serve every meal of the day and then some. Now that the hottest weather is behind us -- or so it seems -- it's time to take a look up and down the avenue at outdoor options.

The tables outside of Cait & Abby's Bakery are full from early morning until midday, when the noontime sun arrives. Cait & Abby's offers coffee, juices, baked goods, and it's all kosher.

Down the block, the Village Diner offers a full menu and waiter service, all day long, at the handful of tables along Sloan St.

Around the corner, on South Orange Ave., Bonte has three tables where diners can have coffee, sweets and sandwiches purchased inside the café.

From lunchtime on, Bunny's has tables set up along South Orange Ave. Music plays through speakers, and the outdoor scene is hopping.

Likewise, Stony's is a trip down the shore without Parkway tolls. The patio's back wall is a sandy dune, with occasional visits from confused seagulls. Live music plays from a stage marked by a pirate flag, and fish sizzles on the grill.

Along Valley St., Toro Loco has an outdoor area open from lunch, through happy hour and dinner. It's decorated with Aztec-themed artwork. Greenery that surrounds the area gives it the feeling of a grotto that seems miles away from a busy street.

For a quieter vibe, Giorgio's offers umbrella-topped tables and a full Italian menu. Music, low lights, and luscious landscaping make for a romantic lunch or dinner.

And Above offers brunch, lunch and dinner on the patio, lined by the chef's herb plants and a bumper crop of Jersey tomatoes. A fig tree hints at next season's dessert.

With all these options, why eat in? I'll see you on the streets of South Orange!

Did we miss any? Have a particular favorite? Let us know: marciaw@patch.com


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