Kars4Kids Literacy Program Donates Talmud to Seton Hall

The university received a significant gift from a literacy group

On Monday, Sept. 13, the Kars4Kids Literacy Program presented Seton Hall University with a full Talmudic library during a ceremony held in the Dean's Office of Walsh Library. Presiding over the event was Fr. Lawrence Frizzell, whom began by addressing the university community in prayer.

The Talmud is a central text of Judaism, written as a record of rabbinic discussions pertaining toJewish customs, ethics, history, law and philosophy.

"These texts will be a great benefit for our students in the Jewish-Christian Studies Masters program," Frizzell said. "Those students will use the Talmuds more frequently than others. But, the texts will be available for all students and the university community to use as well."

The donation was part of a recent Kars4Kids mandate, aiming to provide educational resourcesto children and students in need. Kars4Kids is a national organization providing for the spiritual, emotional and practical needs of children. The national, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization was established in 2000.

Upon donating the sacred texts to the university, Kars4Kids spokesman Clifford Meth recounted his early exposure to Jewish-Christian studies, and was glad that he could give other students a chance to appreciate what he has.

"People now study towards a goal," Meth said. "However, it used to be students educated themselves for the sake of learning. These texts offer that opportunity to Seton Hall students."

On hand to accept the donation to the Walsh Library was university Archivist Alan Delozier.

According to Delozier, the 73-voulme Talmudic library will be catalogued into theuniversity's library in hopes of having the sacred texts available for students soon.

"The Talmud is the essential reference work for scholars and beginning students alike who are interested in Biblical history," Meth said. "We are delighted to present this full library to Seton Hall, where the study of the Bible is so clearly emphasized."


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