What I Wanted to Say to Governor Christie About Unemployment

Governor Christie holds town hall meetings all over the state to learn what residents are thinking and experiencing. I wanted to tell him something I think is important about unemployment.

I decided to attend New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s town hall meeting here in Cedar Grove on June 19.

In case I had the opportunity to ask him a question, I gave a little thought beforehand to what I’d like to ask. I don’t know why (rolling my eyes), but my thoughts kept centering around the unemployment situation in our state and in our country.

Although I raised my hand every chance I got – as did many other people – I wasn’t lucky enough to be one of the ones called on at the meeting at Cedar Grove High School.

Since I didn’t get the opportunity to express my thoughts directly to him earlier this week, I thought I’d write about what I wanted to ask him here. (No doubt he reads this blog!)

What I wanted to ask the governor was a favor. I was going to ask him if he could, in his travels around the state and around the country, remind employers not to overlook Baby Boomer job applicants.

Baby Boomers have been hit by a triple whammy, I would have said if I’d had the chance. First, much of our lifetime savings were wiped out in 2008 when the market crashed. That was money we’d saved for years and had been counting on for our retirements someday.

Second, when wave after wave after wave of layoffs began to hit, so many of us were caught up in those waves and our jobs were wiped out. 

Third, as hard as we’ve tried to find new jobs, we’re discovering that many employers seem reluctant to hire us. Too many of us have become the long-term unemployed, while ironically, we have less time than younger people to recoup at least some of what we lost. We suspect that our age works against us in the fierce competition for the inadequate number of jobs that are available.   

All in all, we believe we’ve been hurt disproportionately by the prolonged economic downturn, I wanted to say to Christie.  So please put in a plug for your fellow Baby Boomers (Christie will turn 50 in September), people who’ve been hit extra hard by multiple factors outside of our control. We are workers with exceptional skills, experience, maturity and motivation; we deserve consideration! If you could work this in when you talk about the economy, Gov. Christie, maybe more employers would decide to hire us.  We would really appreciate it.

That’s what I wanted to say to Gov. Christie.  I wonder what he would have said?

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Mildred Bayes June 27, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Boston College? What ever happened to Harvard? (One can always tell a Harvard Man; but you can't tell him much!) What this country could use is an educated electorate, less social engineering, and people who truly respect themselves, respect others, love their family and friends, and are willing to work collectively to solve this country's problems, especially the national debt problem. It's easy for us to blame the president or Congress, but these are the two branches of government we have to deal with. There has to be a "movement", grassroots or otherwise, to solve and resolve this country's current problems. We have done it in the past, now it is time to do it again - and soon. http:///www.MildredBayessolutiontosolvingAmericasproblemsNOW.edu
Fran Hopkins June 28, 2012 at 03:27 AM
I agree with this and your earlier comment, Keith (and with John's too). Why should the rich stay here and how can small businesses flourish in a high-tax state like New Jersey? It only makes sense for them to leave the state (and to take our jobs with them).
Luca D. June 28, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Keith it is clear to me that you need to be in Washington.
Renee Devantier July 03, 2012 at 12:36 AM
I was unemployed for three years. I worked for three month's and am in the middle of collecting the EB benefit (the last 20 weeks). Now, all of a sudden, we are no longer eligible and the EB benefit is being taken away. They aren't even allowing you to collect it until the end if you have already started collecting it. Why, because unemployment is down in New Jersey. Really??? I am appalled by this. I never heard it was being taken away or read anywhere. I sent an email to The Bergen Record but never hear back. What happened to the "if you are in the middle of collecting you can finish that tier you are on"..... Then they said that the last day you can claim your benefit is 7/1 and the last day they will pay out is 7/7. How, then, will I claim my benefits for the week ending 7/7 if I can't claim for that week. I appreciate the benefits that I have received and I will finally start working F/T - but at a huge drop in pay. I worked in Human Resources for 25 years and for 3 years have searched and received nothing. Not a fan of Christie..... Not a fan at all! By the way is a very rude man as well!
Fran Hopkins July 03, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Renee, you've made it through three difficult years of unemployment and I'm happy for you that you've found a full-time job, but sorry that it comes with "a huge drop in pay." That shouldn't be. I'm still clinging to the hope that things will improve for all of us, especially Baby Boomers, soon. Good luck to you!


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