Best-Selling Author Visits Maplewood Wednesday

Graeme Simsion, author of The Rosie Project will attend a book-signing at WORDS Bookstore in Maplewood on Dec. 11.

Best-Selling Author Graeme Simsion. Credit: James Penlidis
Best-Selling Author Graeme Simsion. Credit: James Penlidis

Graeme Simsion, author of the international and national bestseller “The Rosie Project” will be stopping at a local Maplewood bookstore as part of his U.S. tour.

Simsion is based in Australia and will be in the U.S. for the month of December, stopping at WORDS Bookstore, located at 179 Maplewood Ave., on Wednesday, Dec. 11 for a speaking engagement and book signing.

The Wall Street Journal called Simsion “one of the year’s most promising and original novelists.”

The Rosie Project is currently a bestseller in multiple countries, and will be published in 40 countries over the course of the year. The film rights have been sold to Sony Pictures with Simsion attached as the screenwriter.

“The Rosie Project is also riotously hilarious,” said officials from Simon & Schuster. “Simsion has crafted a terrifically original voice—uncommon for first time novelists.”

His main character, Don, is a brilliant member of academia and rigidly committed to his structured schedule, he speaks without a filter, and interprets other people’s statements in the most literal manner. He can count all of his friends on one hand, is convinced that he’s not wired for romance, but decides that, statistically speaking, there’s likely a match for him out there. So, he decides to design a 16-page questionnaire to find the perfect mate: someone logical, punctual, and willing to eat lobster every Tuesday night. When Don meets the spontaneous whirlwind that is Rosie, you can imagine that, on paper at least, she doesn’t make the cut.

The Rosie Project reminds us all the art of love is never a science. And Graeme Simsion, like his character Don, isn’t afraid of a challenge. At the age of 50, he sold his successful I-T consulting business and has become a full-time writer with more books on the way.  This book is an introduction to a major new force in fiction.

“Simsion's attention to detail brings to life Don's wonderful, weird world.” said USA Today. “Instead of using Don's Asperger's syndrome as a fault, or a lead into a tragic turn of events, Simsion creates a heartwarming story of an extraordinary man learning to live in an ordinary world, and to love. As Don would say, this book is ‘great fun.’”

Click here for more information on The Rosie Project.


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