BOT Meeting recap 8-13-12

brief unofficial re-cap of the August 13, 2012 BOT Meeting

The following is a brief unofficial recap of many items that occurred or were discussed at the August 13, 2012 BOT Meeting.  Official minutes will be posted online at www.southorange.org when they are available or the video can be viewed on-demand at southorange.org/videoViewer.asp

Note: Trustee Gould was absent from the meeting

Public Comments

(apologies to anyone whose name I missed or misspelled)

  • David ? - opposed Ordinance 2012-15, which would restrict parking on Meadowbrook Lane and a portion of Hillside Place and Meadowbrook Lane from 11pm-9am
  • Jessie Wendt - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • Richard ? - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • Charles Baker - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • Eric McCullough - supported Ordinance 2012-15
  • Bernice Napack - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • George Flores -  supported Ordinance 2012-15
  • Joann Middleton - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • Maureen ? - expressed support for traffic light at Scotland/Raymond
  • Isabel ? - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • Dari Knarvik - supported Ordinance 2012-15
  • Lisa Fellen - expressed support for allowing Maplewood students to utilize SO Pool
  • Ed Moore -  expressed support for traffic light at Scotland/Raymond
  • Paul ? - opposed Ordinance 2012-15
  • Bob Adler - expressed opposition to a traffic light at Scotland/Raymond
  • Charles Couch - inquired about the status of traffic light at Raymond/Scotland
  • Dana Lowe - expressed opposition to a traffic light at Scotland/Raymond



Honoring Jeff Dubowy for his leadership and service as a commissioner of the Parking Authority


Village Hall renovation  - removed from the agenda


Ordinances on Second Reading

Ordinance 2012-12:   Ordinance regulating the purchase and sale of used jewelry, passed 5-0.  This Ordinance requires a 72-hour "waiting period" and collection of information from the seller before used gold can be sold. 

Ordinance 2012-13:  Ordinance creating a school loading zone at the South Mountain Annex, passed 5-0.  This ordinance creates a pick-up/drop-off zone on the East side of the street in front of South Mountain Annex  and prohibits parking on the West side of the street in front of the school. 

Ordinance 2012-14:  Ordinance changing limited parking on Meadowbrook Lane, passed 5-0.  This ordinance cleans up an existing ordinance that limits parking to 4 hours on Meadowbrook Lane between Mead St and Meadowbrook Place by specifying that the restriction is only in force Monday - Friday.

Ordinance 2012-15:  Ordinance changing parking on Meadowbrook Place/Hillside/Meadowbrook Lane, failled 5-0.  This ordinance would have prohibited parking on Meadowbrook Place and approximately 500 feet north on Meadowbrook Lane and Hillside Place from 11pm-9am.  This was prompted by the concerns of a resident on Meadowbrook Place and was discussed repeatedly at the Recreation Committee and Public Safety Committees.  Despite assurances that there was consensus of the neighbors, after so many residents spoke against this, the ordinance was voted down.  This issue will be revisited at the next Public Safety Committee in September.


Ordinances on First Reading

Ordinance 2012-16:  Ordinance to define local landmarks, passed 5-0

Ordinance 2012-17: Ordinance approving amendment to financial agreement between SO Village and New Market Square, passed 5-0

Consent Agenda

8 items on Consent Agenda,  passed 5-0


Resolution for Separate Action

Resolution 2012-199: Directing the Planning Board to prepare a redevelopment plan for 3rd/Valley, passed 5-0



SID amendment - The SID Board has proposed an amendment to the boundaries of the SID to include 3rd/Valley.  BOT agreed to wait until the development is well underway before revisiting this.

Street Fair - The Village passed a Special Events Ordinance in 2008, which states  "Each Applicant shall agree in writing to reimburse the Village for any reasonable and foreseeable expenses incurred by the Village resulting from the Event, including but not limited to police service and clean-up costs."  However, the rest of the BOT agreed to allow the vendor to disregard the Ordinance and have the Village incur the costs for Police and DPW staff.

Amend Transportation Advisory Committee Resolution - Trustee Levison proposed amending the Transportation Committee resolution to include reviewing parking.

Establishing Meeting Formality - Trustee Levison proposed that BOT meetings more closely adhere to Roberts Rules of Order. Trustee Davis Ford will circulate a pamphlet on Roberts Rules to the BOT.



  • Village Hall - There is a need for an asbestos assessment and subsequent abatement; Planning to go out for bid for trailers in next month or two; Architect expects to complete construction drawings by Dec 19 with a goal to go out to bid for construction and move out of Village Hall by end of year; Assistant to Administrator working on identifying options for firms that can assist with moving; Formal presentation will be given at next meeting by the Architect/Construction Manager.
  • Property that Village recently acquired on 3rd St requires environmental remediation - awaiting detailed estimates for potential options
  • Beifus Site (South Orange Commons) - Administrator & Redevelopment Counsel are meeting with developer to negotiate Developer's Agreement; Amount of PILOT is the last big remaining open issue to resolve.


Finance & IT

  • Looking to rollover the 9/7/12 BAN to be co-terminus with the 1/30/12 BAN
  • Looking to hire Financial Advisor to review and provide recommendations



  • Discussed policy on Social Networking & press communication. To be discussed further on Sept 10
  • Employee performance reviews to be completed by August 30 for this year and January going forward.
  • Looking into Team Building event for Department Heads


Public Safety

  • Traffic Light at Raymond/Scotland - This is being handled by the County, since it is on a County Road. 



  • Met with Jerry Ryan from Maplewood to discuss potential pool solution for reciprocity. The MW Township Committee referred the issue to their Pool Committee.


For any questions or comments, please post below or email me at mgoldberg@southorange.org

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Tom Morris August 14, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Thank you Michael for your update. Do you know if a budget/estimate of the cost of this street fair is available to the public?
Michael Goldberg August 14, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Tom - I do not. Trustee Levison provided a verbal update last night. Perhaps you can contact him.
Mark Rosner August 14, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Michael, I respectfully disagree with this statement regarding the street fair: "However, the rest of the BOT agreed to allow the vendor to disregard the Ordinance and have the Village incur the costs for Police and DPW staff." The board felt that since the vendor was told by the village administrator and the respective department heads the cost would be minimal at most that the village would waive those charges.. The interim village administrator signed off on the permit last winter and indicated there was no cost to the village. Now we are being told there might be some overtime costs for three police officers and one public works employee. At no point did I state we should disregard the ordinance but I did state that the village already agreed to the street fair and we should stand behind that decision. The Vendor is aware that in the future should we want to make this an annual event that there must be revenue sharing and they will have to pick up all costs. .
Michael Goldberg August 14, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Mark, I appreciate the feedback. Perhaps "waive the requirements of the ordinance" may have been a better choice of words since the ordinance clearly requires the vendor to pay all costs incurred by the Village and that requirement is not being adhered to.


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