Hoping for Snow...a Snow Day, That Is

In an effort to shake the flakes from the sky, local kids will try nearly anything

Weather forecasts suggest that school will be in session on Friday, but not if local hopefuls have their way. Many school kids are taking action the best ways they know how to ensure that Friday is the first snow day of the year. 

"Pajamas inside out and backwards," says eighth grader Sophia. "It works every time, pretty much." Several of her buddies agreed, but hers isn't the only popular ritual designed to make the snow fall fast and heavily. 

Sixth graders Josh and Kevin suggest that "flushing ice cubes" does the trick. "I don't know why," admits Kevin. "It's just one of those weird things."

Freshman Nicole sleeps with a spoon under her pillow. Other cutlery won't work, she says. "It has to be a spoon. The bigger the spoon, the more snow." Spoons are essential to other rituals, as well. A South Orange family of four leaves spoons on the windowsill to ensure a snow day.

Other hopeful kids hang paper snowflakes in the window or leave ice cubes on the front porch, the equivalent of priming the pump for snow. 

Finally, Olivia, an eighth  grader, admits that she and her brothers do a "snow dance" in front of the refrigerator in hopes of shaking loose a few flakes from the sky. When it works, she says, and the family wakes up to a day off, "We have another kind of snow dance, the happy snow dance."

And then the shoveling begins.


If you have any snow day rituals, successful or not, let Patch know.  Email marciaw@patch.com


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