Police Arrest Man for Burglary, Trespassing

South Orange police say 34-year-old Irvington man was seen by a homeowner while trying to burglarize a house.

South Orange police have arrested an Irvington man was apparently trying to burglarize a house – but was spotted by the homeowner while hiding near a cabinet.

Police said a South Centre Street resident was closing a window in his house at 2:20 a.m. on Tuesday when he spotted a man hiding in his home and called police. The man near the cabinet fled through a window and into the back yard. He had apparently entered the house by cutting a screen.

Later that day, South Orange police on patrol at 4:30 p.m. saw a man enter the back yard of a home on Cameron Road. Detectives matched his description to the man described in the earlier attempted burglary and arrested Quran Armstrong, 34, of Irvington.

Armstrong was charged with trespassing and may face additional charges in the attempted burglary.



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