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11 'Emaciated' Pit Bulls Rescued From Dog Fighting House in Orange

The three owners may soon face charges.

One of the dogs. Screenshot from News 12 coverage.
One of the dogs. Screenshot from News 12 coverage.

Construction official Paul Arthur wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary when he responded to a report of electricity being stolen on Nassau Street in Orange. 

He saw an "emaciated" pit bull tied to a chain in the alley between two houses, and then saw more and more of them as he entered the house and went into various rooms, according to News12 New Jersey. Arthur then decided he needed back-up. 

Animal Control came to the house and found 11 pit bulls, bleach, syringes, and a weight sled that could be used to strengthen the dogs before a fight. The sled as well as scars on the dogs' legs and faces led Animal Control to believe the pitbulls were used for fighting. 

The dogs were seized by Animal Control and are now being cared for by the Associated Humane Societies of Newark. Animal Control reported that they "were timid and submissive," which led official Rudy Giordano to speculate that they are "bait dogs."

"These are the poor dogs that they put in the middle of a ring and let the other pit bulls come out and just tear them apart," Giordano told News12 New Jersey.

Three men have claimed ownership of the 11 dogs. They may soon face charges: dogfighting is a felony in 48 states, according to CNN.

The Humane Society estimates 40,000 people in the United States are involved in professional dogfighting, CNN reported.

joseph June 11, 2014 at 09:52 AM
This is really sad... The dogs do not deserve this treatment n the owners should be prosecuted as hard as the dogs were prosecuted
Alex C June 11, 2014 at 01:38 PM
A mile and a half from my home. I drive by this street every day on the way to work. Scary stuff. People who participate in dog fighting are human garbage. I realize the law won't allow it, but if these three men were thrown in the wolf pen at the Turtle Back Zoo and torn to shreds, I wouldn't feel bad. They'd deserve it.
Lisa June 15, 2014 at 10:36 AM
Thank goodness this construction official decided to get involved. He could have turned his back but he didn't. Glad they are out of this horrible situation. The ba!!s to come forward and say yes they are our dogs when its obvious what they were used for. This proves that the punishment for animal abuse is not severe enough! I hope there is no legal loophole these scumbags can use to get the dogs back. To hurt and animal is tragic and a testament to what a disgusting excuse of a human being you are! May these 3 men and anyone else who was aware of this and did nothing have bad karma and bad things happen to them for the rest of their lives!
Mia Goturman June 23, 2014 at 04:27 PM
It's so funny how the media can sensationalize a story. One sick dog and "All" dogs were emaciated ? The owners were guilty of having too many dogs... and for the record the emaciated dog was just found by the owners of which they were trying to save... as of today she is in good health. Did anyone stop to think the reason they were claimed was because they are NOT fighting dogs..... Oh yeah let me think... We had a downpour in Orange that day. Hence three dogs showed in the mud. Winter just ended there was not grass. The others were kept in houses............Ask the Humane Society or the person that did this broadcast what the Humane Society said about these dogs? Ask them if they were in fact being treated poorly, did these dogs have fleas or ticks..... Why did a couple of dogs need to go on a diet because they were so well fed ? Things are not always what they seem It is the media's job to feed you bull shit. Why did the Orange County officer inform the owners that the dogs were ok in their faces but as they turned their back he wanted 5 minutes of fame and gave this bull shit report. Steroids ???? but the bottle was left behind not taken for evidence ? or was it because it was actually vitamins being fed to the dogs? PPl don't believe the hype.
Lisa June 25, 2014 at 01:30 PM
If the picture of the black dog (which accompanied the article) is a true photo of one of the dogs in question, I'd ask, "why such a big heavy duty chain? THAT IS NOT the type of chain you keep on a family pet, nor is it the type of chain you would put on a found dog!! Thats the type of chain you use to tow a 2000 lb car! If the dog was dangerous (which I would assume, from the size of the chain he is on) then animal control should be called to take it in.


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