Snowblower Theft Leads to Arrest

South Orange police arrested Newark man with outstanding warrant after he was seen pushing machine down Turrell Avenue.

South Orange police have arrested a 31-year-old Newark man after he was seen pushing a snowblower along Turrell Avenue around midnight, officials said.

Police said Fernando Santiago was stopped and questioned by officers on Jan. 21 wanting to know why he was pushing the machine on the street.

While questioning Santiago, officers learned he had an outstanding arrest warrant from the City of Newark and he was taken into custody.

Nancy Heins-Glaser January 24, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Thanks SOPD. This is being alert and astute. We appreciate you. Our residents also need to be astute and report problems they notice without being overly reactive - its a partnership. Even if was a simple snowblower, it was after midnight. Sometimes just asking questions does get results. WIth recent muggings and threats in the many areas of south orange - and before the best practices survey - our police were doing a good job. We as good neighbors need to become more astute to. We need to notify family members if we are worried about older people. We need to be mindful of each other. Its also important that when arrests are made, emphasis is placed on exactly where those took place. When PDs are vigilant and help other communities and areas, it should not be the SOPDs blotter alone. When crime is worked on together, not only are the arresting officers to be applauded, but the full circumstance revealed to our press.In the future, my prayer is that there will be an arrest made on the nice elderly man who walked to the train and who was killed - in spite of walking the same route for more than 40 years. I have not gotten over that.


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