DiVincenzo Touts Economic Success of Essex County (Video)

The Essex County Executive talks to business owners about why Essex County is a good place to own a business.

Speaking in front of 120 business owners on Thursday, Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, Jr. discussed the recent economic successes of Essex County.  The held the second annual Community Business Leaders breakfast with DiVincenzo as the headline speaker. 

DiVincenzo started off by touting the success of McLoone’s restaurant, which has gained gross revenue of over $3 million since opening on October 21.  DiVincenzo also touted his working relationship with Governor Chris Christie. 

Joining DiVincenzo was Deborah Collins, the head of Essex County’s Office of Small Business Development and Affirmative Action.  Collins spoke about Essex County’s newest policies to even the playing field for minority job seekers. 

Leslie Pogany March 30, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I attended this conference last year. It was good and welcoming our County Executive to offer us services and the tools to spur and encourage the small business community to grow. This year the conference has grown in attendance. The speakers Caren Franzini on the state level were connections that are priceless. Deborah Collins on the County level offered us information and tools of value. We were able to question and reach out to ask the politicians who combined State and County can get a job done. Thank you SOPAC for hosting this event.


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