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Downtown Photos That Led to SID Released

Photos show multiple paint jobs, cleanings needed.

On Thursday evening, South Orange Trustee Michael Goldberg released the photos that he says helped lead to the formation of the Special Improvement District Advisory Committee. 

On a Maplewoodonline.com thread, Goldberg produced a link to the photos after being challenged by another user to do so.  They had not been previously released.

“I hadn't even thought about including them as part of the report,” wrote Goldberg in the post.  “The members of the committee are all in the downtown everyday and could see firsthand the issues we face.”

The 117 photos, taken in the summer of 2010, show many buildings in need of cleaning and poles in need of painting.  In addition, they show that unkempt landscaping was a problem at the time.

Recently the SID advisory committee recommending that the Board of Trustees enact a SID.  Business owners have come out .

The next meeting that the topic will be discussed will be the November 14 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting.

Daria Knarvik October 29, 2011 at 03:58 PM
Why is DPW not doing this work?
Nancy Heins-Glaser November 03, 2011 at 04:32 PM
In light of the comment directed at DPW, context is important. Can anyone confirm how many DPW positions were kept vs eliminated since ther BOT asked union concessions Feb '09? Were there layoffs? Is it that staff needed to do basic maintence work cant be done based on numbers? Is it downsizing impacting morale? There've been other recent changes too (some surprises, some not). As an aside, a non-profit offered to pay for flower planters on gaslamps around Village Hall with their own funds in April, 2011. The offer was declined. "Thanks but no thanks" the flower pots were being "sent out for bid." Based on my understanding, flower pots for gaslamps were NOT purchased around village hall. Yet, others might look and ask what's wrong with DPW? People's wants (pretty downtown) VS needs (tax reductions) might be out of sync. "The old normal" as a gauge seems short-sighted. Its speculation on my part but "we the people" may need to adjust to "new normal" ourselves. Keeping up a village's appearances given what we expect (what was done in the past) may not be fair. I'm not clear but what history has taught us, is most scapegoats are often not "those at fault." S.O. plans to subcontract more services to a neighbor(ie code enforcement) to save money. Who doesn't want lower taxes so S.O's population stops declining? Where/when money is/isnt allocated, how much/when is also key. Some savings do come at a price - not just dollars and cents. Scapegoating is both costly and wrong.
Daria Knarvik November 03, 2011 at 05:36 PM
There is no scapegoating going on. The new reality is that in tough economic times everyone has learned to do more with less. DPW should be expected to do likewise.
Nancy Heins-Glaser November 03, 2011 at 05:46 PM
Thank you for your reply Daria. ITs good to know you were not doing that. I do believe they have been doing more with less. When I asked, I wanted to know if you (or anyone) knows if there has been a reduction in force for DPW since Feb 2009? (when union concessions were given to save jobs). I sincerely dont know and thought perhaps you or others reading might know. Others may want to figure that into their equation of thinking as well. Clean sweep is trying to keep basic cleaning of streets in process to support the DPW and other volunteers are trying in various ways too. I believe they are doing more with less, but wasnt sure "how much less it was or is" in terms of people power.


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