South Orange Historic Preservation Committee Seeks Members

The new committee, established in June, needs seven interested residents

The Village of South Orange in June established a Historic Preservation Commission. Now the Commission seeks seven volunteer members (and two alternates) from any neighborhood in South Orange. 

The Village President will recommend members; interested residents can apply here. The online application asks residents basic facts about where they live; it also asks for relevant experience.

However, expertise is not a pre-requisite. The Commission will include members from three distinct "classes." Class A includes those with experience or knowledge; Class B includes those with interest in South Orange history; and Class C includes residents who don't work for the Village.

The full language, and a description of the process is below. 


The Commission shall consist of seven regular members and two alternate 
members. The Village President shall appoint all members of the commission and 
shall designate at the time of appointment the regular members by class and the 
alternate members as "Alternate No. 1" and "Alternate No. 2." Any vacancy on the 
Commission (including a vacant alternate position) shall be filled by the Village 
President within sixty days in accordance with the procedures established by 
N.J.S.A. 40:55D-107c for making such appointments, the newly appointed member 
to finish out the unexpired term of the previous member. 

B. The regular members of the Commission shall include at least one person from Class 
A, described in subsection C below and at least one person from Class B, described 
in subsection C below; provided, however, that at least three of the regular 
members of the commission must be from the aforementioned Class A and Class B. 
The alternate members of the commission shall meet at least the qualifications of 
Class C, described in subsection C below. 

C. Class A, Class B, and Class C members shall reside in South Orange and shall consist 
of the following types of persons: 

1) Class A. Persons who are knowledgeable in building design and construction 
or architectural history. 

2) Class B. Persons who are knowledgeable or have a demonstrated interest in 
South Orange history. 

3) Class C. Those regular members who are not designated as Class A or Class B 
shall be designated as Class C. Class C members shall hold no other municipal 
office, position or employment except for membership on the Planning Board 
or the Zoning Board of Adjustment. 


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