Power May Return: PSE&G Report Overlooks South Orange

Crews are expected today, says Village. PSEG report mentions other nearby towns. Residents have fingers crossed

Village President Alex Torpey, along with Assemblywoman Mila Jasey and Assemblyman John McKeon, has been assured by PSE&G that South Orange is a priority, according to Torpey. 

However, an 11 a.m. report posted on the PSE&G website fails to mention South Orange as a county priority. 

According to the report: 
-- Of the 346,260 customers in Essex County, 251,000 customers lost electricity. As of Saturday morning, 122,400 customers remain out of service.
-- PSE&G has restored service to 65% of the customers in Newark and will be working in the city all weekend.
-- Crews will be also be focusing on Irvington, West Orange, Montclair, East Orange, Bloomfield, Maplewood, Orange and Belleville this weekend.

The update from the Village:

approximately 2100 homes in South Orange are without power.

The Village has asked PSE&G to provide neighborhood-specific information as far as restoration to ensure that those numbers from PSE&G match the reality of the outages/restoration in the Village. As soon as that information is received, OEM officials will draw comparisons between what PSE&G provides and what actually exists, and follow up with the Board of Public Utilities and the Governor's Office if there are discrepancies.

After speaking with our state assembly members, County Executive's Office and Governor's Office who have been able to help put pressure and get more information from PSE&G, we have compiled some highlights as follows:

  • According to PSE&G, the main work on residential areas will begin on Saturday, and South Orange residents should see many crews working in the area, as our areas have been prioritized for this new influx of out of state crews
  • Many of the crews so far have been working at substations and distributers, which mean less crews are visible to the average homeowner, but the actual fixes impact a larger number of homes. This specifically includes a downed substation in Maplewood, which provides power to large parts of South Orange, approximately in the area of thousands of people. This facility is expected to come back online shortly, and this facility has been prioritized. 
  • Because of the crews being brought in from out of state this weekend, and the number that will be working in South Orange, PSE&G is expecting that many (not all) South Orange residents could have power returned in the next three to four days, especially as substations and transformers come back online.
  • Because of the power lines running through backyards in South Orange, although roads are open and clear sooner, the fixes take longer, so residents with individual lines down may see restoration at the end of that three day period or past it. 

Find official statements from PSE&G: http://www.pseg.com/info/media/news.jsp

Paul Foster November 03, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Saw pseg walking and surveying damage in newstead this morning (Sat), but just walked much of the neighborhood and saw not one truck or crew working.. Sounding more and more like lip service to me... South Orange is NOT a priority to pseg .. Too much work with lines behimd houses.. Ive seen te same wih two stoema last year too.. We are always last!
Evelynne Hawkins November 03, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Saw no pseg all day today. Now facing a freezing 6th nite with no power or heat. I amhave so worried about this trafficis light atat the intersection of ward and irvington ave not working,it took me 10 min. to cross,Nevermind children and cars.Someone needs to get things moving quickly, before a tagedy strikes!
T Sturtz November 03, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Could not agree more. Always see this regardless of what we are told. Wish we would get an honest message from our town government: that we are a low priority due to backyard wiring - harder to restore. I spoke to PS&G and was told we are not on their list of towns prioritized over weekend. In fact my grid in Montrose not even scheduled for inspection. I urge all South Orange residents to call county executive's office at 973-621-4400. After numerous promises from town last October, called and asked for County Exec. Aide who took call personally saw to it that South Orange got service from PE&G within hours. Do flood the county executives office with calls. This will do more than any advocacy by our town government that seems to be irrelevant to the Governor, the county and PSEG. Spread the word: 973-621-4400
R S November 04, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Another day is done and I haven.t seen one peg truck. Since Tuesday I have only seen one truck in total. Officials may put out releases but talk is cheap. When I see the trucks than I.llknow that they.re really working in south orange. I wonder if our town officials have noticed the lack of pseg presence in south orange?
Polonius November 04, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Sadly, there is nothing going on. The fact that South Orange remains dark without power and without hope of power is not a failure of PSEG. After all, it is getting the job elsewhere. It is the fault of Alex Torpey and our Board of Trustees. The absolute Keystone Cops utter incompetence of these clowns shows through again, and this time, people are shivering in the cold dark for days on end because of it. Also completely absent from our darkened neighborhoods are the police.
Mike November 04, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Absolutely nothing is progressing in west orange upper Gregory in the Luddington Rd area when folks below Gregory Rd on Luddington have power. Neighbors are getting information that power will return in 2 weeks. This had better not be the case. The county exec number does not except messages. Any one heard more news
Ozzie November 06, 2012 at 09:09 PM
I left home this morning with power in South Orange. I had not lost power until today. What happened!? I was on my way out to BJ's.....With the nor'easter arriving tomorrow and Thursday....now what do I do? Okay so has anyone else just lost power? Ozzie


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