Updated: South Orange Moving Forward With Single Stream Recycling

South Orange could begin the system in early spring.

3:30 update: Officials in Village Hall have told Patch that single stream recycling is at the stage where public bids are to be put in to the Village for providing the services.

South Orange is considering changing its recycling program to “single stream recycling,” a program which allows residents to put all of their recyclables into one container without separating.  The Board of Trustees have committed to wanting to implement this project in the past and are now in the final stages of implementation.

Single streamed recycling means that all recyclable materials, including mixed paper, high grade paper, cardboard and commingled containers (bottles, cans, etc.) may all be placed in a single toter for pickup.  Cardboard will also be picked up with the same container/recycling dates.

These recyclables will then be placed in a single truck, with a similar schedule of twice a month pickup.  The truck then brings them to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where the recyclables will be sorted into various commodity streams for sale to markets, where it is then processed into materials that can be used in the manufacture of new products.   Maplewood has been using the system . 

In a statement posted to the town's websiite, Trustee Janine Bauer said that “residents will enjoy the ease of recycling under the new system.”  The new process will make it easier for residents to recycle, which the Village hopes will encourage them to do more of.

The Village had said that single stream recycling has been shown to increase recycling rates by approximately 25% and reduce trash tonnages by over 10%.  It also reduces municipal financial outlays by reducing truck routes, tipping fees and other operating costs.

“The Village expects to increase revenue from the sale of recyclables because more residents will recycle more materials that they are currently throwing away,” said Bauer.

In the original statement, South Orange Village President Alex Torpey applauded the new program.

“This is a place where the people care a lot about their impact on the environment, and single stream recycling is one more example of how South Orange is a leader as a modern, environmentally sustainable community,” said Torpey.

The board of trustees hope that the single stream recycling program can lead to a “Pay as You Throw” (PAYT) type of program.  The PAYT program lets residents pay their garbage haulers based on the amount they throw out, rather than paying a flat fee.  

Residents will continue to be able to bring recyclable materials down to the ’ recycling depot.  The targeted date, if single streamed recycling is enacted, would be early Spring.

Michael Goldberg February 08, 2012 at 03:32 PM
I have no idea who published this article, but no decisions have yet been made about single stream (and certainly not PAYT) An RFP for single-stream was issued and is due back tomorrow - Feb 9. http://southorange.org/Requests/ Any other conclusions are premature until we see the results from the RFP.
Marilyn Joyce Lehren February 08, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Mr. Goldberg: The information is posted on the village's website @ http://southorange.org/notices.asp?guid=5a3b0540 Seems like a great idea.
David Ascher February 08, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Single-stream recycling is a scam. Sure it may save the Village money but it significantly degrades the quality of the raw material purchased by recycled paper manufacturers, such as my employer, and significantly increases waste due to the cleaning of the raw material that the manufacturer must undertake. This ultimately results in a greater quantity of material being sent to the landfill by the purchaser of the waste paper. As much as 20% of single-stream waste paper may end up in the landfill because it does not meet quality standards and specifications set by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries for the various grades of waste paper.
Michelle S February 09, 2012 at 01:23 PM
I think it irks every South Orange resident who sees that Maplewood doesn't have to separate out everything, that their recycling is picked up regularly instead of specific types of items every few weeks... its aggrevating that I have 5 or 6 different containers in my backyard, that overflow unless I go drop it off myself... especially when I pay close to $20K in taxes.... I cannot wait for single stream. PS: To those who call it a scam, the real scam is that no matter which way you sort it out, it does all go to the same place.


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