UPDATED: Columbia HS Kudos: Where Are the Seniors Going to College?

South Orange - Maplewood kids are headed all over the globe. Add your (or your child's) college acceptances and decisions here.

South Orange and Maplewood offer seniors well-deserved kudos for their performance at Columbia and their college acceptances.

Please tell us where you or your kids are headed next year, or the colleges and universities they're considering.  We offer community congratulations to all!

* Lucy Schmitz, accepted into Columbia University, in their Dual BA program with Sciences Po (in Reims).

* Lila Faria, New York University

* Harry Schneiderman, Mason-Gross School of the Arts

* Alexis Auer, Haverford College

* Tess Cohen, Northwestern University

* Paul Mooney, University of Delaware, Honors College

* Tyler Bongo, Bentley College

* Brandon Bongo, making final choice between Quinnipiac and Merrimack

The Bongo brothers live in South Orange and attend Oratory Prep in Summit.

JoeF April 04, 2013 at 12:40 AM
Well, this former CHS Faculty person is always happy to know about how fine that place was/is/will be. Though now in another state, I always relate how wonderful the educational facility at 17 Parker Ave has been to anyone who listens! Afterall, what other school ever had its floor plan highlighted in the Encyclopedia Britannica? Throughout the years, I have also seen numerous schools that look like dear ole' Columbia. Of course, they can never reach the glory of 'our' place, but they sure do make a fine physical copy. Lastly, do hope all of the current to be graduates do well enough to garner entry to THE Hall of Fame. Best wishes for them all and hope they find much happiness in the schools to come.
Annmarie Leung April 04, 2013 at 02:17 PM
Kudos to all the senior who are getting ready to graduate. I wish them all the best in their endeavours. And I hope they get to go to the college of their choice.
Mary Ann Uschak April 05, 2013 at 01:12 PM
Can't stop bragging about our high school graduation....We were told to wear white dresses since our graduation gowns were white and we didn't want any other color to show through. We wore two inch white heels. What else? We wore white starched ironed collars and the gown had to be pressed also. The tassels were also white and as thick as the board of trustees tassels at college commencements. The boys were all in burgundy!!! We looked phenomenal!!! What a fantastic memory....When we walked out onto Underhill Field in South Orange, New Jersey, and this is one time I was glad my last name started with a "U" since I was close to the end of the line and still inside the building.....when the lightning hit the sky, everyone scattered. We graduated the next day....on the radio someone screwed up the announcement about when each group was to appear and since everyone was confused whoever showed up gave their name to the adults in charge and we just received the cover of the diploma that day. When we got back to school the day after they gave us our diplomas and it has been framed for years......GOD BLESS COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL!!!


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