Columbia Welcomes Back Alums Bearing Advice

Nearly 40 recent CHS graduates shared their expertise as college students with their former school mates

Columbia High School welcomed home nearly 40 recent CHS graduates on Tuesday, December 18, as they shared their expertise as college students with their former school mates.  "In college, you can't just get by on talent," remarked one of the recent grads participating on the sports panel.  "You have to really work at it.  You have to really want it."

The recent grads, who were grouped into subject-specific panels representing areas of particular interest, came from a broad range of schools and majors.  There was a Biology major from Wellesley, a Graphic Arts major from Rutgers, a Theater major from Temple, a Biomedical Engineering major from Widener University, a LaCrosse player from Susquehanna University, and a Baking and Pastry chef from Johnson & Wales, to name just few.  This year's event was organized by .

The returning grads answered questions and offered all kinds of practical information to their younger proteges, both specific and general, ranging from how to get a particular coach's attention before applying to college to how to manage your schedule when you get there. The juniors in the audience were advised to get serious about college now.  "Visit campuses now, talk to coaches and teachers now, be proactive so you don't get stressed out in your senior year."  The panelists generally agreed that actually visiting colleges before applying was very important.  "You'll spend four years there and a lot of money.  Make sure you make the right choice."


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