MMS Students Bake to Support Jersey Animal Coalition

Girls hold a bake sale to raise funds for much-needed pet supplies.

Sixth-graders Hannah Tuohy and sisters Sophia Rich and Marina Rich recently organized a Bake Sale at to raise money to purchase supplies for the . 

The students first got approval for the project from their guidance counselor, main teacher, and principal Jeffrey Truppo. Then, the students took a trip to the Animal Shelter to find out what supplies were most needed. They took photos of the animals, and made posters to advertise the bake sale.

"The girls enlisted many friends to bake," said Maggie Tuohy, Hannah's mother. They held the sale on a Friday after school, and it raised a total of $200.00.

The girls later went to Pet Smart in South Orange where they purchased items using the animal shelter’s tax free number and were given a small discount. They delivered pet beds, cat food, litter, dog toys, bones and other supplies to the shelter that evening.

The three girls were thrilled, as were the people (and likely the animals) at the shelter. 

“It was a great experience," said Mrs. Tuohy.


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