Ultimate Showdown: Seton Hall Defeats Columbia High School to Win Cup

Annual Ultimate Frisbee game goes down to the wire.

The third annual Community Cup had a new winner on Saturday night at , as upset 16-14.  Columbia High School entered the game having .

“Even in competition, Maplewood, South Orange and Seton Hall somehow find a way to work together,” said South Orange Village President Alex Torpey.  “As much as I support Seton Hall University in pretty much everything they do, I have to say that today, I am supporting my alma-mater Columbia High School.”
Unfortunately for Torpey, his hopes were crushed as Seton Hall led 7-5 at halftime and stayed either tied or ahead throughout the second half.  Columbia High School came back to tie the game at 14 before two straight scores by the Pirates to win.

“What a great way to spend a Saturday early evening,” exclaimed Village Trustee Deborah Davis Ford.  “I’m happy to be here where history was made many years ago with the creation of Ultimate Frisbee and seeing it grow to a national sport has been exciting.”

Organized by the South Orange/Seton Hall Partnership, the event was a rescheduled game from Seton Hall’s University Weekend.  The Pirates won a Frisbee autographed by famed movie producer Joel Silver, also a co-creator of the sport.  Afterwards, both teams celebrated the day in a show of comradery. 

Michael October 25, 2011 at 01:24 AM
Its too bad that seton hall's columbia alum graduated from college almost 6 years prior and didnt go to seton hall.
Nancy Heins-Glaser October 25, 2011 at 12:27 PM
How amazing to see all the students, parents, and residents who came out to support the wider community (even in a cold snap); it was also great to see girls and young women get more involved in this fast-paced sport. Adults can learn a thing or two from UF rules, as there are no referees, only students and coaches to settle "close calls." We need even MORE positive images of our students (all ages, CHS, SHU) who give it their all to help the towns - whether through participation in a game of UF, on and off-campus service projects (DOVE at Jersey Animal Coalition, gaslight monitoring, help for seniors, ARC carnivals, painting store windows, welcoming newcomers, volunteering in events like chamber's clean sweep and main street "celebrations"). These positive "student" images can be seen if people would take a look around them. Students involved in developing a sense of community at any age (and photos of them) are a balance to negative images that sell; every college town in America faces challenges where universitites are located within their borders, but our students seem to be trying to fully embrace our community and become woven into the wider tapestry. As an SHU alum, Its great to see all youthful targeted enthusiasm, as it represents a belief in what is possible, not what WONT WORK. Its superb that full "engagement" is picking up steam. Passing the baton is what the students are preparing for and will leave as their legacy - right here, right now. Thanks-BRAVO!.
Scott Egelberg October 25, 2011 at 01:56 PM
Well said Nancy!


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