Seton Hall Will Test Emergency Siren Wednesday

Seton Hall University will be conducting a test of its emergency systems on Jan. 29. Residents should not be alarmed by the emergency siren.

Seton Hall University will be testing its Emergency Siren System and the PirateAlert Emergency Notification System on Wednesday, Jan. 29, the school announced.

The Emergency Siren System is designed to alert the campus community of an emergency situation that requires them to seek shelter for safety.

“There is no need to take shelter during this test,” Seton Hall officials said. “The siren test will consist of a siren wail tone preceded and followed by a voice announcement indicating that it is a test.”

The siren test will be immediately followed by a test of the PirateAlert system. The test message will be sent to students, faculty, and staff via multiple communications methods including voice cell phone, text messaging, broadcast e-mail, and landline telephone.

With the exception of the test, which is conducted twice a year, the siren is only used when there is an imminent threat to the lives and safety of people on campus, according to the school website

A threat could come in the form of criminal violence, such as an active shooter on campus, an environmental threat such as a hazardous chemical release, or some other emergency situation.

If the siren is activated in an actual emergency, you should:

  • Go indoors

  • Go into a room and lock or barricade the door 

  • Quietly monitor the PirateAlert System and the SHU Website for further information and instructions


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