SOMS Community Looks Forward to Snow Day

With a snow day just made official for the South Orange-Maplewood school district, local middle school students are eagerly anticipating snow.

Middle school students had visions of a snow day dancing in their heads at school on Tuesday. "I really want to go sledding at Flood's Hill," said Jasmine, a sixth grader, verbalizing the thoughts of many classmates.

Jasmine, in the majority of the SOMS student population, was hoping for a snow day on Wednesday, and her wish was granted. At 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, homes in the district received a robo-call, announcing the closure of schools. Nearby districts ranging from Millburn to Livingston to Newark to New York City had announced closures earlier in the day.

Many middle schoolers were planning to go sledding in their backyards and at Flood's Hill, while others wanted to visit an indoor snow park and go snowboarding. Other students were thinking of shoveling snow to make a little extra cash and then relaxing with hot cocoa.

However, if there are more than two snow days, the district will subtract days from spring break in April. "I want to go sledding, but I don't want it to take off spring break," said John, a sixth grader.

Many teachers were also welcoming a potential snow day.

"I want to bake bread and grade papers," said Linda Abella, a sixth grade teacher.

Although some teachers expressed concern over falling behind in their lessons, teacher Chris Balas observed, "A day to relax is never a bad thing."

Jared Kofsky is a 12-year-old student in the SO-M school district, who is a local history buff and train historian.


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