It's That Time Again — The Basement Bands Are Battling!

Saturday, Jan. 21, 7 p.m. to midnight at Our Lady of Sorrows School. $30. Be there!

It's the 200th anniversay of the Battle of the Basement Bands this Saturday, Jan. 21 in the gymnasium at Our Lady of Sorrows School.

Well, actually, not 200 years (really 11), but this event has all the earmarks of a classic, long-standing annual tradition that just might be around that long, presenting locals with an opportunity to have fun while doing good.

Its main organizer and booster Chris Dickson calls the B o' the BB "part block party, part rock ‘n’ roll show." Four bands vie for the title of best band and proceeds benefit the Community FoodBank of NJ. Attendees are encouraged to bring their cans (the tin type!) and donate them at the door for the OLS Food Pantry.

Price of entry is $30, which gets you good eats and drinks, good music and dancing.

Bands battling for best this year are:

-Five Cent Philosophers

-Asbury Knights

-Shakey Ground

-Moroccan Sheepherders

Volunteers are still welcome and needed. If you want to help set up, clean up, sell tickets and/or collect food at the door, contact Amy Jo Curran of the HK Community Fund at amyjo@hkcommunityfund.org or call 973-762-4062.

Whether you want to help out or just have fun, head on down to OLS this Saturday night from 7 p.m. to midnight. If you're not yet convinced, just listen to Chris Dickson's Battle of the Basement Bands theme song, penned last year and caught on video by Lauren Bright Pacheco (note that the swag this year will be different than that mentioned in the video, but just as kick-butt). C'mon! How can you resist?

Tickets available for purchase at Maplewood Wine & Liquor, 3 Highland Place in Maplewood Village.

Chris Dickson January 20, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Cool Swag List ... Two tickets to 2/10 Rent Party featuring Willie Nile!! ($60 value) $50 gift cards St. James Gate (2) $50 gift card Highland Place $50 gift card CODA $50 gift card Cafe Arugula $25 gift card Maple Leaf Diner $25 gift card Roman Gourmet $25 gift card Village Burger James Maddock three CD set (last three albums) One month Karate lessons (2) from Maplewood Karate One month Kick Boxing (2) from Maplewood Karate 4 Bleacher Seats - NJ Jackals Baseball Two $200 gift certificates from our friends at Metal Art Direct! We also have a bunch of Garland Jeffreys CDs coming our way ... Watch this because the list is going to grow ... Always does ...
Chris Dickson January 21, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Hey, hey ... Snow's starting to let-up and it looks like it will be done by noon ... Ain't nothing but a dusting. The show goes on ... Don't forget to bring four (4) cans of non-perishable food items to support the OLS food pantry ... If you do, you'll be eligible to win some nice stuff ... Remember, tickets until 5 PM today at Maplewood Wine & Liquor at the door after that ...
Awesome event! We have some serious talent in our towns! When to ticket sales start for next year?!


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